We can quickly establish various parts of the consortia start-up phase, including legal, financial and overall organization and can also help consortia engaged in re-structuring, merger or getting established in new territories and legal jurisdictions.


From initial set-up (legal, financial, organizational assistance) to support for ongoing management and operation, and provision of the infrastructure services necessary for successful operation (web-based collaboration, mailing lists, etc.) we can manage the entire infrastructure thus freeing the group membership to concentrate on the achieving the objectives of the group.

What are Consortium Services?

Wheatstone Consulting offers a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to form and run Trade Associations, Special Interest Groups, Commercial Standards Initiatives and consortia. We provide an infrastructure that meets the member management, meeting and working group management, specification development, consensus review, publication, and IT service needs of any group.



Consortium Operations
Wheatstone can perform overall management of a consortium's ongoing operation, or provide specific services as required. Typical operations services include:

          Strategic planning and implementation support
          Board, Committee and Working Group support
          Financial management and administration
          Membership management and administration
          Provision of "front office" functions
          Project management and coordination
          Meetings and Events



Consortium Infrastructure

We have developed a number of integrated systems designed to meet the various needs of consortia. These systems can be adjusted to suit the client's needs to present their own look and feel, control access to the information, etc.

This infrastructure service provides the foundational systems that enable consortia to establish a presence on the Internet, enable web-based collaboration and communication within a consortium, provide for membership and event management, and for document review. We are able to provide all hosting and integrate email and web services employing a relational database system. This provides both internet and intranet capabilities



Infrastructure Provision includes..


          Email services
          Web hosting
          Web-based collaboration tools
          Administration of access control systems for  email, web, etc.
          Membership database
          Conference and event management tools
          Web survey and voting
          Online document review system
          Links to a number of Wheatstone Consulting  resources that may be utilized by a consortia
          Newsletter editing and production.



Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your company needs and ways in which we might help. And if we can't help you ourselves we'll try to direct you to someone who can.


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