Our consultants have gained rich experience and know the important of attention to detail. We are skilled in the use of proven methods drawn from standards such as PRINCE and PROMPT.


We begin each assignment with a Project Definition Workshop, which is designed to help you gain consensus from all areas of your business that will be impacted by, or benefit from, the project. Many of our clients have found this service alone to be of enormous value as it helps to set and contain the scope of the activity.


Boundaryless Information Flow

The need for organisations to have Boundaryless Information Flow stems from the need to improve operational efficiencies and competitive advantage. Business processes must be integrated horizontally and vertically creating a Boundaryless Organisation to improve operational efficiencies.


However a Boundaryless Organisation needs Boundaryless Information Flow and the systems currently supporting your business processes may present obstacles because they contain multiple ‘stovepipe’ technology solutions where information is not currently shared; in other words a lack of integrated information.

Our Approach
Our approach to Project Management is focused on understanding the job you need done, proving the job can be done, and done in a way which is profitable to your business. Our philosophy is to work with you to formalise your vision and through manageable structured steps lead through definition, design, realisation and deployment of that vision with careful checkpoints and reassessments along the lifecycle of the project to ensure that the evolving needs of the business continue to be met,

Regardless of whether you are relocating your office, planning a conference or launching a new product, from the Project Definition Workshop, right through to the Completion Review we can plan, manage, and even staff your project holding regular reviews giving you the sense of security and control.


In some instances our Project Definition Workshop has resulted in a decision not to progress with the project. This is fine by us and is exactly what our method aims to surface.


Our objective is to help our clients make the right long term decisions for them - not the most profitable short term one for us!



We Analyse Your Business Needs
Through the Analysis process, our team will work with your company’s senior business executives and technology leaders to develop a vision that best describes the desired future state and meets the demands of the company.



We Assess Your Current Technology State
We will inventory and assess your entire spectrum of current IT capabilities and evaluate all existing infrastructure to determine the value of your current portfolio of products, technical operations and services.



We Define Your Technology Roadmap
Our team will work closely with you to define the proper technology blueprint for your organization and develop a customized technology solution with the goal of maximizing your current assets.



We Plan Your Future
Once we’ve discovered, assessed and defined your requirements and roadmap, we will deliver a comprehensive strategy report that mitigates your risk by outlining the company’s:

     •     Specific business priorities
     •     Resource dependencies
     •     Timeline for technology development and deployment strategy
     •     Expected returns from technology investments that produce demonstrable return on investment.



Use Wheatstone Project Management Services to ensure the success of your project.

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